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Looking up to the Joneses: Consequences of the perceptions of white wealth

In a pair of studies, social psychologists propose that widespread perceptions that white people are wealthy, and that Black people are poor, may shape the way people experience their own status.


5 Tips for Making the Switch to Online Research

by Barbara Toizer

Many psychologists are transitioning data collection to online platforms. But for the uninitiated, this can be a daunting prospect.


Character and Context Blog

Why Online Dating is Heaven—and Hell

by Tila Pronk

The number of options in online dating can make people more rejecting, dissatisfied, and pessimistic about love.


Why Muslim Women Wear the Veil Matters for Their Emotional Well-being

by By Nikki Legate and Netta Weinstein

Muslim women’s reasons for wearing the veil—because they want to or because they feel like they have to—are associated with their emotional well-being.


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