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New study debunks myth that only children are more narcissistic than kids with siblings

The stereotype for only children is that they are selfish, or more self-centered than those with siblings.


Apply for the 2020-2021 Student Committee

Are you a graduate student who wants to serve the student community? Apply to be a part of the 2020-2021 Student Committee.


Character and Context Blog

In Search of a Satisfying Life–Past, Present, and Future

by Michael A. Busseri

People’s beliefs about how satisfying their life will be over time may be an illusion.


Help, My Boss is Competitive!

by Roy B.L. Sijbom, Jonas W.B. Lang, and Frederik Anseel

Competitive leaders put employees at risk of burnout.


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Martin Day

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    RT : "Well if it's any consolation, your social media makes it look like you're absolutely thriving."